what is digital marketing

Digital marketing is the backbone of every business and according to survey of 2021 January there 4.66 billion active internet user in the global world or in percent 60% of global population. It is online marketing or promotion of a brand and any other product to attract their customer through the use of the internet via email, blog, creating ads on your websites, etc. Digital marketing is the best place to learn and earn. Digital marketing can be done by our daily or basic technology like smartphones, laptops, iPad, PC, and other media.

Marketing is done on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, linked in, etc. to promote his/her business or brand, etc. The company advertises its product easily and cheaply. Digital marketing revolves around these 5Ds: digital devices, digital platforms, digital media, digital data, and digital technology. At high-level advertisement, big companies prefer advanced advertising platforms like websites, mobile ads, social media ads, etc. So digital marketing is the best way to capture the market network.

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is online platform where you can promote your product or services to their potential customer. You can promote your brand or services siting at one place to entire place. For every small or big startup, every campaign needs to be digital as it provides wider market for your products or services. It is better to invest you money at right advertisement campaign to get quicker result. Digital marketing is a way to connect people in a very small investment. Digital marketing has a unique technique where any company can reach at their goal.  

Difference between traditional time vs modern time

All over the world, there are many people who are using social media on a regular basis, some people having their own business which they want to grow and upgrade their campaign through digital marketing. The marketing and promotion of products or services through the traditional platform is taking over by digital marketing, of course, digital marketing is more affordable. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to reach a larger audience in a short period of time.

In the traditional time when smartphones were not available, companies used to advertise their product through television, newspaper, magazines, radio, and people saw these products and bought all these products from the market. But now, people especially, youth spend the most time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Instead of television, they watch YouTube videos, instead of radio they listen to songs on different apps, and instead of reading newspapers, they read online blogs. 

This is the main reason when these companies advertise their product digitally and advertise their products in those places where they found the most internet users.

How digital marketing used to boost your business

Digital marketing is used when a company or individual person wants to advertise and promote the products in the market, and they get more and more profit. Some of the ways which can be used for promotion of products by more digital marketing companies.

  • Blogging
  • Content-marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • App marketing
  • YouTube channel marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Affiliate marketing

Now, all the things were explained briefly about how digital marketing works, and reach our business to our viewers and our customers through this above-given method. These are the points where we are doing business with B2C and can we attract our audience towards our product.


Blogging is one of the best places to work online digitally. Where you can write your ideas, explore and experience things. And you can make a blog on company name and start a blog. You can tell your product and services details. And whenever any company launches a new product or gives new services so you can add details and edit your blog. In this way, by blogging you can create more and more customers and attract visitors to your website.

Content marketing

Content marketing means where you can write content for every product or service. You have to write the content in such a way so that the customer will read and understand your product and get attracted to your product or services.  In content marketing, you can add deals and offers with conditions so that visitors can attract to your website.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

If you want to generate more traffic in your blog or content then you have to get more knowledge about SEO. If the user wants to know something. The user goes to google, and google uses search engine optimization to provide the things to the user. If your website ranks high in the search engine(google) then more and more people know about your blog or business. That’s why you have to make your website and blog according to google guidelines and Google’s algorithm. You have placed URLs, tags, links, etc. so that more and more traffic generates on your website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is also a method for doing digital marketing. Now most people and especially youth are engaging their time in social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and any other apps. So this is a vast way to explore their business. Here everyone grows their business. In these methods, the company knows what people are saying about their plan and business or their product. From this, you can upgrade the quality of your product and services. Here you can give your ads on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. 

Google AdWords

Whenever you read a blog on any website then you may see some ads, Mainly ads are shown by Google and this is a paid service where you have to pay google to activate this service.

Google shows your ads on google on high-traffic websites so that you can attract more and more customers. 

With the use of Google AdWords, you can make many advertisements on your websites like text ads, image ads, gif ads, match content ads, video ads, pop-up ads, web banner ads, and much more.

App Marketing

There are many companies that make apps and deliver them to the user with their product or service ads. This is a good option for digital marketing.

In today’s world, many people use different apps and it is the best way to advertise your product to people, by clicking these ads the user easily goes through your website.

Youtube Channel Marketing

It is a much more traffic-generating social media app in fact the YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine. It is the best way to advertise or promote your product through video. Whenever you watch any video you can see an advertisement of any product done by a celebrity to attract people towards your products.

Email Marketing

Email is also the best way to advertise your product through email. Here you can give information about your product to your customer through email with product deal and offer. The link is also provided to customers to visit the website with one click. 

Conversion rate optimization(CRO)

CRO  is a method where a company handles or improves your online user experience. For more traffic on your website, you have to follow CRO where you have to do calls, chats, for more leads(customers).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also the best thing in digital marketing. Where you have to promote the product of another company and you will get a high percentage profit of that product. 

Advantages Of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing has a lot of advantages, where a person can get a massive profit from it. It has more advantages if you compare digital marketing with the traditional market in terms of advertising products. And the targeted audience can be reached to your product, etc.

1.You can target your ideal buyer:

You can target your ideal buyer on social media and digital marketing helps you to reach there. If you want to target the doctor then you can only get the doctor as a customer where you can do your work and promote your business. It is a very easy thing to target your right audience.

2. Cost-effective:

For promoting and advertising your business you can’t invest more money. For example, whenever you watch tv ads they are the most cost-effective and can invest 10 lakh to 1cr. Which is a much more difficult thing for us. Digital marketing is cost-effective as compared to traditional markets. 

3. Measurable:

In digital marketing, everything is measurable means, who are interested in our product and who isn’t. Suppose that you are distributing the template to promote your business. Here you don’t know how many people are reading your template and how many buy your product. But in digital marketing, you know everything about your website reach, website click, post likes, post share. You can advertise this product through Facebook, Google, and much another social media app.

4. Global reach:

This is one of the best advantages of digital marketing is that if you have a small business and grow it globally then it can happen. You can grow your business globally in India, the USA, UK, Europe, and many other countries.

5. Personalized:

Personalized means you can get the personal data of your visitor. The visitor name, email, mobile number, etc, to groom your business.

6. Improved conversion rate:

Suppose that 100 people visit your website and out of 100. 10 visitors buy your product and 90 don’t, then you have to go personalized and collect data of that 90 visitors and you can do call, mail or message and give a special offer to attract them towards your product, this is called the retargeting or remarketing.

Requirements for Digital Marketing.

This digital marketing is a thing of interest. If you have an interest in this field then you can grow more in this field. There are many requirements to do business with digital marketing. 

Skills and training:- 

In this field, you can grow your skills and work experience. You have to take training and focus on learning for that. If you don’t know how to use tools, how to use marketing strategies, and make planning. If you don’t know these things then it will be very difficult for you to grow with digital marketing. You have to learn how to invite and deal with clients.


You have to take patience because it takes time to succeed in this field. It will take time to learn skills that you have to learn and do work with consistency.

Work better than your competitor:-

In digital marketing you can grow your business globally that’s why the competition is at a global level. But your strategy, campaign, panning, marketing strategy is enough to win the competition.  

Work better with your customer:-

If your social media is handled and you have some issue with your product. You didn’t deliver the things you claim then your customer will give feedback, complain and give a negative response to your brand. The brand will grow downward because it is open source where every customer will check the reviews, complaints, and feedback. The brand will grow downward because it is open source where every customer will check the reviews, complaints, and feedback. So you have to improve your product and services.     

Scope in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a booming industry worldwide. It offers a lot of jobs all over the world. The scope of digital marketing is directly proportional to the internet user. And it is impossible to decrease the number of people using the internet. Even in India NITI Aayog also promotes digital India and the government also supports his country to make his country digital.

Digital marketing is a vast thing to explore. This industry is growing at the rate of 30% per year. This industry is very interesting and challenging at the same time. It is a booming industry because anyone can do his work or promote his product globally where we can earn per click.


Overall this blog is to tell you about digital marketing and its benefits. Digital market is also known as the heartbeat of the marketing system. Marketing is the most exciting and important part of all business. It is continually changing in response to the explosion of information, the expansion of technology, and the aggressiveness of competition, at all levels and everywhere. Digital marketing allows you to target your ideal buyers. The digital market is very low cost and global reach.


Question 1: What is digital marketing?

Answer: Digital marketing is online marketing where any person grows his business and advertises his product digitally. This marketing has a technique to attract the right customer at the right place. This is an abroad field where you can attract customers via mail, content marketing, social media, etc. 

Question 2: why choose digital marketing as a carrier?

Answer: digital marketing is a broad business and a demanding industry. It is helpful in every industry whether it is the IT industry, pharmaceutical industry, film industry it means everywhere. That’s why it is a demanding industry and plenty of job opportunities are here.

Question 3: What are the typical roles within a digital marketing agency?

Answer: The typical roles of any agency varies depending on the size of your agency. What you want to do special or changes with your agency. The common roles found in any digital marketing agency are:

  1. The managing director or founder- the person who manages his company or built that digital marketing agency.
  2. Account manager- The person who works with you and knows everything, responsible for planning, developing, and managing clients.
  3. Graphic designer- it is responsible for creating the visual concept for customers using computer software. Developing the layout and production design for magazines, banners, etc. to attract the customer to our ideas or campaign.
  4. UI designer- who designs the user-friendly website between customer and company.
  5. Web developer- who makes the website of the company.
  6.  Copywriter- copywriter is writing the blog, articles, website content, etc for marketing.
  7. Social media marketer- Who explores the business from the social media app through the people. 

QUESTION 4. Is it too difficult to do business with digital marketing?

If you are a beginner it’s maybe difficult to promote your business with the help of digital marketing. If you are an expert in digital marketing it maybe not be difficult to promote your business. You have to be skillful and having work experience.

QUESTION 5. Can we use YouTube for digital marketing?

Answer: Youtube has a billion views per day. You can promote your business through a video and it helps the customer to understand or visualize your concept.