The Top 10 Google Ranking Factor

Google ranking
Google ranking

Firstly, we have to understand why we have to learn about google ranking? This is the most frustrating thing to rank your website high in search engines. You have to follow the Google algorithm. Google adds 400 to 500 new algorithms per year. And maybe this a surprising thing for you. You need to understand how Google decides the rank on any website. Whenever you submit your blog on google, SEO robotic tool checks the SEO algorithm, did you follow it or not. On the basis of all these things google rank your website.

The Factor Which Optimizes Google Ranking.

There is an unlimited factor that is responsible for your google ranking. This means it is an unlimited algorithm you have to follow and I already told you about the algorithm that Google adds many factors every year for google ranking. The only factor responsible for making our websites well optimized. well-optimized sites get more and more traffic to get a high google ranking. The factors responsible for ranking are:-

  • Keyword researches
  • To find the error pages
  • Work on your bounce-back rate
  • CTR(click-through-rate)
  • Page speed
  • Content optimize
  • Improve readability
  • Optimize your image
  • Ensure your site is mobile-friendly
  • Improve your link

Keyword researches:-

In on-page SEO use the right keyword to improve the google ranking. Fight with the keyword which having more research. Watch your competitor and analyze their keyword how they use that. Make sure your keyword should be in your main title, heading, and sub-heading of your content. You can also search these keywords from some tools like keyword planner, SEMrush, long tail pro, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc. Remember these keywords while writing your content. You should also use a secondary keyword in your content for optimizing your rank.

How keywords research tools help to find the keywords.

First, you have to choose any keyword research tool, I always recommend using SEMrush because SEMrush is a tool looking for organic searches and PPC. It also gives details of many other Google high-ranking keywords, CPC competition, distribution data, and live ads.

From this tool you can search any keyword which is in your mind and watch there how many visitors are looking for this keyword, how is the competition, how is SEO difficulty and how is CPC.

Google ranking.

Here the focus keyword is how to rank high on google. You can also watch the country in which you want to rank your website. Also, you can watch the other keyword that has a high google ranking. You can take other keywords as a secondary or tertiary keyword.

To find the error pages:-

There may be lots of links on your website where pages are closed or deleted. And when we click on that link we see the “not found” on that page. If during clicking on the closed link by the viewers, and they saw the “not found” then they obviously go back to another site. The increases the bounce rate. It will affect your ranking.

If during indexing your website by google found the error pages. Google will automatically fall your website down. So you should find your website’s error pages and broken links.

Work on your Bounce-back rate:-

If the user goes on google and searches for your website. And the user will not stay for 5-10 seconds. And goes back to another website. This means many users came to your website but not got the exact things they want and the user goes back from your website. During indexing by google, think that your website doesn’t contain the perfect things. It will rank your website down. That’s why you should remember about the bounce-back rate.

Your upper content part should be perfect and highly attractive so that the user is satisfied with your content. And if during clicking on your website, the user sees the ad or popup, the user may be frustrated with your website, the user goes back from your website, by which the bounce-back rate is increased and rank is decreased.

CTR (click-through-rate) :-

CTR is also an important concept in search engine marketing. It is the percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing it. Before clicking on your ad you have to optimize your impression. Impression optimization depends on your title, description, URL, etc, these titles, descriptions, URLs should be having something special so that the viewers attract to your website.

And the CTR is the number of clicks that your ad received divided by the number of times your ad is shown. The formula for calculating the CTR is : clicks/impression*100= CTR. for example, if you had 8 clicks and the impression is 100, then your CTR is 8/100*100= 8%.

Page Speed:-

Page speed means how much time is taken by your website to load to open. And this page speed varies by hosting data center. If your hosting data center is from Singapore and you are from India, it means your website traffic goes to Singapore to analyze after that it will open in the viewer interface.

If your website is heavy means if your website is heavy coding, extra files, images, and videos. Due to this your website takes time to load in the viewer interface. If you want to check or analyze your website’s load time on different devices by some developed websites like page speed insight, GT Metrix, Pingdom, etc. Even these developed websites can tell you about your website’s issue so that you can minimize the page speed. Make sure that your website should be lightweight because a lightweight website can load in minimum time.

Content optimize:-

To make your website attractive and effective then you have to arrange the title, heading, subheading in your website or blog. The content should be clear, understandable, and readable. Your content should be of a minimum of 800 – 1200 words.

The main thing in your content is the keyword. Now most beginners don’t know how many keywords should be inserted in an article or blog. The keyword density gave for the keyword inserted per unit words. The formula for  keyword density is

Keyword density=( no. of keyword/ no. of words in any article) *100

Suppose that you have used 15 keywords in 500 words of any article then the keyword density is (15/500)*100=3%. The use of keyword density in any blog or article is approximately 3-4%.

For optimizing your content you can add internal linking and outbound links. Your content should have some relevant and related images because the images can attract viewers towards your content and they spend some time on your website. Make sure you have give alt text to your image.

Improve readability:-

Readability is an important part of your high ranking. Viewers read your content word by word, they just scan your content and paying interest in your content. So it’s our duty to write the perfect article that helps them to scan your content. Your content with a huge wall of text so you can add bold or italic words in between the text for their interest. These bold or italic words are like the speed breaker during scanning your article. And you can add bullets or points to the list of items. It can also optimize your content. You can use images and videos so that people can entertain your content.

There is something called Flesch Kincaid readability Score, so it refers to how is your blog readable. The main thing to adopt to increase your Flesch Kincaid readability score is you need to make short sentences also the word used in your content should have less complex words. You should not use long sentences because the long sentence is complicated to understand and remember the meaning of sentences. You can significantly shorten the sentences by using the weak adjective. Like instead of saying it’s very cold, you can say it’s freezing. Instead of saying I am very scared, you can say I am terrified. Instead of saying there is something you can’t avoid you can say you can’t avoid something.

Or you can use active voice over the passive voice in your content because active voice requires fewer words to express the same meaning.

Optimize your image:-

Image is also the major factor to improve the ranking factor. The image you used in your content should be compressed as much as you can because the uncompressed image makes your website heavy, which increases the load time and the page speed is also decreased. And the image you used in your content should not be drag from google. You should create your image by yourself in photoshop or any other website. Or you can download the free image from Pixabay, Pixel, Canva, Flicker, etc. you can also insert an image that is clicked by your camera.

One thing you remember is that before you insert your image on the website you have to give a rename to that image. The rename you give to your website should have your keyword. The style of writing the rename of the image is like “image-of-my-computer”.

You have to give your image title and alt text because google can understand the alt text of your image. The alt text and title should also have the keyword in them. Adding a caption in an image is also a method through which you can make your website in high rank.

Ensure your site is mobile-friendly:-

In this global world, mostly people are using the mobile instead of the laptop and desktop. If you want to improve your website or want to stay in SERPs then you should make your website responsive. Make your website responsive because for viewers it is very easy to read. To make your mobile-friendly you may have to code the HTML so that content gets automatically adjusted to the height and width. The images and videos are also responsive because the videos and images are compressed so that page speed is increased.

Google also has the algorithm of mobile-first indexing which means to say that Google sees your website as a mobile device. If google has a hard to navigate website, then it will impact your google ranking.

Improve your link:-

A link is a clickable thing on our web page that helps us to lead from one page to another through an image, button, or text. The link that can make your website attractive and most responsible for high google ranking. We classify the link based on the destination of the link are

  1. Internal link  2. Inbound link  3. Outbound link.

 Internal link -search engine determines this by looking at the same domain name if a link on a page link through another page of the same domain name, they are considered as an internal link. And if your website is built by more than one website then search engines will view as an external link.

Internal linking connects your content and gives an idea to google about the structure of your website. It can connect the most important page or post of your domain which can give you the benefit of a high google ranking.

inbound link -inbound link are those links that come from another website of the different domain name. Inbound links can give you a large impact on your google ranking. They are like the trust, credibility, and authority that help in your ranking. But remember that the inbound link is natural and came from high-quality and relevant sites.

 Outbound link -outbound links are those links on your website which link out to your website of a different domain name. These links are important because these links create organic traffic and build trust and you can create a strong relationship with sites or businesses.


These are the top 10 factors that may be helpful for your google ranking, you have to remember all the key points in your mind so that you can give your best on your website. All the best digital marketer’s opinion is that keyword is the main factor of high google ranking of your website. You have to learn skills on how to get more traffic on your website. Targeting the audience and their desire can help you to grow more.