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social media marketing

In this modern era, the way of living has completely changed. Healthy foods are replaced by junk foods and mobile phones or desktop games take the place of outdoor games. Which gives a negative impact on children’s health and social skills. We all know that each thing has two sides, positive or negative impact on society. Digitalization brings so many positive changes in the whole world like the fastest transport facility, communication facility, e-commerce website, etc and we all know that everything needs proper planning. Like if you want to launch a new product in the market then you have to take care of everything like product value, consumption, product suitability for that area or not, and main marketing strategy. Marketing is the main key to your product service or business profit. If you are going to use social media marketing activities for your business then you are choosing the best activity for your business. 

There are many types of digital marketing activities:-

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

2. PPC (Pay Per Click)F

3. Email Marketing

4. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

5. SMO (social media optimization)

6. Affiliate Marketing 

7. Content Marketing 

Today we will discuss Social media marketing (SMM)

What is Social Media Marketing

The term (SMM) refers to social media marketing. In this, the company will take the help of the social media platforms to engage with their consumers like Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, tumbler, Pinterest, etc., and social networks for their sale of products or services. These platforms provide you highly targeted audience.  

In these ways, Social Media Marketing helps your business:- 

  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Huge sales of your service and product 
  • Tells you how people feel about your product.
  • Helps you get consumers through social media marketing
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Help to grow revenue
  • Target the audience

Advantages & Disadvantages of Social media marketing are:-


  • In this, you will get a large Audience: the whole world is actively active on social media. So if you are using social media for marketing then you will gain larger traffic or attention at a single time.
  • In this you will directly connect with your audience: if you are posting your business or product-related post on social media then they will directly ask about positive or negative things about your product. Which builds a new consumer relation to your product. 
  • Here you can Organic content: it increases the numbers of consumers because here they will comfortably decide about your product and service and it puts your product to the front of people directly. 
  • Option of paid Advertisement:  in this if you want a quick response. So you have the option of running the Advertisement on each social media marketing platform. This ad will directly show to that audience. Who is looking for your product?
  • Make yourself a brand: you can be aware of your brand in the market and related to your product. 
  • Drive traffic to your website: if you are posting posts on social media. So there you can give you website information. If anyone is interested in your product then he/she will visit your site. Which causes traffic to the site. 


  • Get negative feedback: in this, the competitors or many others will comment with negative words. So you have to avoid all these things and focus on your target. 
  • Spend lots of time on social media: Social Media is not all about posting posts or videos on social media, in this, you have engaged with your audience and solved their queries related to your product.   
  • Wait to see the result: if you post a business-related post then you have to wait for the result of your post because you have to see whether the post is working in a positive manner or not.

What is a Social Media Marketing strategy and how does it work? 

Social media connects the whole world with each other. In this, you will target your goals. Which you can achieve through social media. It also gives you a list of all your plans, marketing strategies, this strategy helps businesses to get profitable support and promote your online business throughout the world. Many social networks show your geographical area and your personal information to the consumers.

According to our expert team. Social media marketing has five main pillars. 

  • Strategy 
  • Advertising 
  • Listening and Engagement 
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Planning and Publishing

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Top 3 Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. Selecting of best goals and Audience needs

If you are going to use social media for your marketing purpose then you have to mainly focus on your goals and your Audience. If you plan smarter goals then it will help you to achieve the best marketing steps. Your goals should be relevant to the topic, time bounding, and measurable.

These are the factors. Where your goals will be effective are:-

  • Boost up your brand awareness
  • High quality of sales or consumption of your product
  • Enhance you RIO

The second most important thing is that the Audience. Coming Audience on the post is the sign of the best Social media marketing. You have to connect with the audience and solve all major queries. Which they are facing related to your product. 

2. Selecting the right social media platform and budget

Choosing the right platform and budget is a very big decision. According to our expert if you are going to take the help of social media for your advertisement. Then you have to focus on choosing the best marketing platform according to your business and second is the budget in this you have to make a decision according to the service you are providing. You can take the help of social media for the advertisement of your product with the help of money or it works as a fire on your product sell. 

3. Promote your website, regular posting of posts, and analyze your competitor

If you are posting posts on your social media marketing platform then you have to focus on the details of the product you are delivering and mention your website link also in the post because if anyone is interested in your product then with the help website name or link he/she will come to the site. This method brings traffic to the site or regular posting of content should be there because it gives a positive impact and builds trust between you and the consumer and the last but the main analysis is your competitor because if you represent your product better than other companies then you get heavy demand on your site. 

Last words

Using social media marketing for your business proposal is a great idea because it connects your business worldwide. In this, you have to focus on some main thing that is best for your business or not and which platforms are best for your business. This is also one of all marketing activities. Which gives 100% marketing results.

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