SEO vs PPC. Which one is better ?

SEO vs PPC. Which one is better ?

This question is on our top list that was asked by readers regularly. Which one is better: SEO or PPC?. which is very difficult to answer because it depends on time, situation, objective, and marketplace. So the battle between SEO vs PPC  today we will do a comparison between two great marketing activities. Which are famous for their own function.

So first we will talk about marketing and its advantages. Marketing is a process where all business companies sell or purchase their goods and services according to their needs and marketing is a tool that helps your business to become a brand in the market and spread your business worldwide. 

Actually’ the whole world is completely dependent on SEO of their business optimization but it takes a long period of time for the profitable result but on other hand, PPC is the ‘king’ to derived traffic to your business sites in a short period of time and for this work, its takes lots of money.  

PPC is better for those who are starting a new business and want instant results but those who have a long-term profit idea prefer SEO rather than PPC. 

This is the most important question to get an answer to because choosing any activity means you are choosing big steps for your business and if you choose wrong then your business will collapse down. 

So In this topic, we will discuss all things about (Search engine optimization) SEO Vs PPC( Pay Per Click) and their disadvantages and advantages or effects on your business. So if you know more about SEO vs PPC so be with us. 


The main answer depends:

Neither is better nor worse than the other. Both are the way of deriving traffic to our business sites. So below, we give some description of both activities SEO vs PPC. 

These two marketing activities have their own two key points. The first one PPC the paid will appear on your business website on the top of the page above the organic sites which are influenced by SEO. Second, the traffic from organic via SEO is free. Whereas PPC charged each click but both are the best marketing activities. Which completely depends on the consumer’s needs and satisfaction level. 

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SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?

So will discuss the first topic SEO from SEO Vs PPC. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the creative art and technical science of getting web pages to rank higher on search pages like google, yahoo, bing, Yandex, ask, com, etc.  


So we will discuss SEO advantages and disadvantages.


  • Awareness: SEO targets your business keywords and puts them in front of those consumers who are searching for your business product and service and gives your business brand awareness in the market. 
  • Convert into Brand: SEO shows your product or service to all your business-related commercial websites. And answer all informational queries related to your business. which you are providing and SEO represents your business website as a brand in front of consumers.
  • Build Trust: with the help of SEO your site gets organic traffic and consumer attraction but on the other hand PPC only gives Ads of your business. Which is mostly ignored by consumers. So we can say that SEO improves your bonding with your consumers.
  • Drive traffic: Increase in website traffic. This gives Golden opportunities to drive awareness of your business and educate them about your product to consumers. 
  • CPC (Cost Per Click): getting traffic from the organic sites is completely free but it needs lots of patience and effort. In SEO there is no charge taken directly it earns by click.   
  • Price: SEO is neither cheap nor easy. If we talked about SEO expenses then there is no limit of money you are wasting on SEO to drive traffic or brand awareness in the market. 
  • Sustainability: if we use paid marketing activity. So their money works a lot. But on the other hand, if we use SEO it is a long term traffic provider machine to your business. 
  • Enhance click-through rate: if your site has a higher percentage of users who click on the organic result. Then your site will go on a higher place of search results on the search engine and you get higher placed paid Ads. which become the best mode of income for you. 
  • Scope: there are large numbers of questions every day that maximize scope. For this you will need strong traffic then you don’t have to pay for clicks. Which is advertising on your website. 
  • Strategic profit: getting visibility on search engines is not easy or quick because it needs lots of patience and some effort (money). Once by hard work you get organic results. In this, we have to work on both pages of SEO like On-page and Off-page. Which takes lots of time for better profitable results.  


  • SEO needs lots of time: As we talk about raking on the top. So really it takes lots of time and it also needs lots of effort and it mostly depends on the handler of the site. If we take past ranking time period example. So it is very easy because at that time there was no hard competition which is right now. So ranking a website in today’s time is very hard work
  • SEO needs unique and fresh content: In SEO the user always needs unique and fresh content to upload on their site because search engines didn’t accept copy content. So it is a major problem for website controls to write unique content for their website.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

So now we will discuss the second topic PPC from SEO Vs PPC.

What is PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) method of online internet marketing in which the Advertisers pay money for each click on the Ads. Basically, it is the method of getting visitors to your site by paying some money, rather than earning some organic traffic. PPC is the most famous marketing way in search engine advertising.


  • Visual Product Ads: the E-commerce website uses this marketing Activity. To attract buyers to their product and give heavy offers to attract buyers to your product example: Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 
  • Brand visibility: in this, Google will show your product advertisement to the consumers. Who are looking for it and represent your website as a brand to consumers. 
  • Money expense: PPC allows for heavy control of the budget. It depends on you how much you are spending per day and fixed the limit. 
  • Targeting: PPC provides a less targeted way to get in front of consumers. It all depends on the person who is giving the advertisement like targeted keywords, time, week, geographical area, etc. 
  • Speed: if you are planning for good organic visibility (SEO) then it takes a lot of time. And if you want instant results so you can use PPC in front of the consumer at every movement. 
  • Money: you have to use low-cost ways to increase the leads in your business in the short term. If you are planning to launch a local business then you can target your geographical area.  


  • PPC is More Expensive: PPC is more cost-effective than SEO because PPC charges for each click-on per customer.
  • Tighten your hand to Make Money: If you want high profit then you have to collect a large amount of money to generate revenue. 
  • Change your content on a daily basis: changing the image or video of your advertisement because seeing your same ads customers get bored. That’s why we need to change the content theme on a daily basis.


So in this post, we showed you important points, advantages, or disadvantages on the topic of SEO Vs PPC. From our side, SEO is better for those who want long-term profit. And don’t want to spend lots of money on the advertisement of their business website. So they can prefer SEO over then PPC and PPC is for those who want fast results. And have a huge budget for the advertisement of their Commerce products.  

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