Reviews On Siteground

Reviews on site ground

Siteground is considered as most popular and reliable web hosting tool as it offers many fabulous services that others lack. personally, I like its customer support services that offer 24*7, advanced security, and are easy to use. Siteground is the best web hosting company. It is a privately held company, founded in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 22nd of march 2004. Its founder is Ivo tzenov. this provides hosting around 20,00,000 domains worldwide. And it also provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, email hosting, domain registration, and many more. It has a headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. More than 600 employees are working in this company. 

Advantages of choosing siteground

Agvantages of SiteGround

It is the best host provider. this hosting has impressive features and excellent work, and its performance is competitive with another hosting. this will give us a discount on the actual price, I had to say that we love siteground. Other features that you should know are:-

Fast server:

It gave us the fast server because its storage is always in SSD and you already know that SSD can operate things very fast. SSDs are of many types but other host provider companies never told us which SSD they are using. But here the siteground they use SSD is very fast and experienced by many customers.

Customer support:

Site ground gave us 24/7 support with live chat. It means they gave the best support. They also provide the number for interaction and tell you about your problem. If you call on that number from another country you have to pay international call charges.

The chat support here is so advanced and much better, instantly they can reply to your query. A well-experienced team is there who really wants to do your help.

Free SSL:

Siteground gives you free SSL for every domain. If you buy hosting for multiple websites, where you can host multiple websites. For every website, they provide you with an SSL certificate. This can renew your SSL certificate whenever it comes to expiration.

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Server location:

Here you can get the multiple server locations. Currently, siteground uses six data centers:- 

1) Lowa, USA  2) London, UK  3)Eemshaven, Netherlands  4)Frankfurt, DE  5) Sydney, AU 

6) Singapore, Singapore. 

You have to investigate to choose the data center because depending on from which country you will get the majority audience, you should select the nearby data center of that majority audience. Suppose that your majority audience is from India then you have to choose the nearby server that is Singapore. Otherwise, your page speed will be slow, and it affects your ranking in google. 


On the siteground you can see your website  99.99% uptime. In shared hosting, you can experience that many websites are stored at a host so if one website goes downtime most probably that other website of that host also goes downtime. But in the case of site ground, uptime is seen most of the time, and little chances of downtime you can see.

Cache plugin:

The cache plugin is used for your website to run fast because it is a super cacher system. Siteground provides the cache plugin free of cost for you. You have not paid for it. It provides the three cache systems for your website- NGINX Direct Delivery, Dynamic Cache, and Memcached.

Free Domain:

Site ground gives the free domain. No matter which hosting plan you are choosing, you get a free domain name as long as you are part of the site ground hosting. You can save your money. And the domain renews automatically when it’s the time of expiring.

Data Recovery:

By mistake the worst thing happens with your website,  then siteground helps to recover your data. But if lost a lot of data the hosting will recover your data as much as they can. And they help to reduce the time it takes to recover the site.

30 Days Money Back Program:

Siteground has the plus point that it has a 30 days money-back program. It means if you buy this hosting and you are not interested to work with it, siteground gives your money back in shared hosting. If you buy cloud hosting then siteground gives back your money within 15 days. 

Disadvantages Of Choosing the Siteground 

Site ground has many disadvantages. it also has drawbacks, in which the siteground is working. The siteground only understands the English language. It is the main disadvantage for many people. Even when you do an international call for help you have to pay charges for that. The other disadvantages of siteground are:-

Limited Storage:

This is one major disadvantage of siteground. It has limited storage according to its plan. It has three packages for you, the first one having 10 Gb of data. The second plan has 20 Gb of data and the last one has 40 Gb of data. It means if your website has a lot of images, videos, etc. then it is not much more convenient for you. You will watch how much content is uploaded to your website.

Hosting price and plans of Siteground:

Siteground has an attractive price with three plans categorized by Startup, Growbig, Geek. When you are going to sign up its current price is $6.99/month for Startup. $9.99/month for Grow Big and $14.99/month for Geek. Its disadvantage is when you are going to renew your hosting contract you will find that its price increases rapidly. Its other plan information is in the table, where you can understand easily.

startupGrow BigGogeek
1 websiteUnlimited websiteUnlimited website
10 Gb web space20 Gb web space40 Gb web space
10,000 visit monthly25,000 visit monthly100,000 visit monthly
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSL
Daily backupDaily backup Daily backup
Free CDNFree CDNFree CDN
Free EmailFree EmailFree Email
Managed WordPressManaged WordPressManaged WordPress
Unlimited DatabaseUnlimited DatabaseUnlimited Database
30-days money back30-days money back30-days money back

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Trial And Setup Fee: 

Siteground doesn’t offer a free trial account. They only give a 30 days money-back guarantee for all shared hosting.

Why I Recommended To Choose The Siteground Hosting

Site ground is one of the best web hostings. I always recommend choosing the siteground hosting. It can store unlimited websites. It is noticeably faster and extremely reliable. This is WordPress friendly, which means it has already inbuilt in WordPress. WordPress also recommends the site siteground. It has its own cache plugin which means, the user who watches your website for the first time can wait because of loading.

If the same user watches that website again it can be directly opened in his interface. And the most interesting thing is that the site siteground gave you a free migration. This means if you are in another hosting and you wanna switch your hosting to site ground but The data which is stored in the previous hosting’s SQL, also switch to siteground.

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