Best Plugin For WordPress

Best Plugin For Wordpress

It is very important to choose the right plugin for WordPress. Lots of plugins are available in the market but choosing the right plugin is really irritating so we have chosen some best plugins for WordPress that might help you to run your website smoothly. Every website needs a plugin to run a smooth business whether it is for SEO, Backup, social media, including mail, designing websites, storing data, speed. How to choose the best WordPress plugin, there are thousands of plugins. Selecting the right plugin can grow a website at a great level. What kind of plugin is suitable for you?  We will guide you to choose the best plugin for WordPress in this blog.

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Here are Best Plugin For word press given below


As the name suggests, RankMath works with google algorithm and understands google trends, and optimizes the website according to google. It gives rank 0 to 100 and tells you what the next step has to do. Special features like you can turn on/off according to your preference. Integrate with google console so that your work becomes easy. 

There are two versions: Free and Pro. Pro Version price: $59 per year

Yoast SEO

Yoast Seo is famous among many site builders. It is installed by millions of users. Simple to use shows simple keywords with high ranking. Does SEO optimization like Seo title, meta description, slug. Explain how to change the page title. Analyze readability and search engine optimization. The free version and pro version are available with a price tag of $89 per site. 


Developers develop this plugin keeping in the view all in one. It has all the tools in one place so that you don’t have to run here and there. Super functions like adding contact forms, social media switches, subscription forms, and many more features. 


Elementor is one of the best plugins for WordPress that provides a  wide range of WordPress themes, fast, and compatible with many websites. User-friendly guide. Build your website without the help of anyone, just drag and position it.  


Smush optimizes every image file of your content. If someone optimizes the image manually it will take more time and get frustrated. Smush optimizes every image in your content to make your website user-friendly. Akismet Spam Protection

It keeps an eye on the commenting section and form submission. Check the wrong comment and spam-free website. It automatically cleans your blog and keeps spam-free. Most trusted anti-spam plugin for WordPress.


This plugin for WordPress has a social sharing button so that users can easily share your blog. Monarch will help to make a new audience. 

WP – Optimize

It is famous for cleaning up unwanted spam and comments. This plugin for WordPress compresses the image of all content and optimizes the website and increases the speed. It sounds more complicated but it does all work with one click of a button. 

WP Rocket

WP – Rocket is a premium plugin for WordPress and optimizes the preloaded content. After the plugin, it speeds up the website. It is also e-commerce friendly. Compresses the image so that the website runs faster and users have no lagging problem.

WP Notification Bar Pro

WP Notification Bar Pro plugin for WordPress helps the website to launch any product, so any special event is shown on the website, and users will easily know that. It encourages the users to follow brands on social media.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is a plugin for WordPress which checks the broken link of your website and notifies you so that you can change it and regain the Seo’s trust. 

WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro is an email subscription plugin for WordPress. Every website must have this plugin as it helps to gain the audience and users will get to know your website easily.


It covers abandoning website visitors to email subscribers. Modifies your website, makes it user-friendly and content friendly. Recreating the website just dragging and keeping it where you want it. If you want more money with a website then OptinMonster is great for you. Even it is very useful for businesses, e-commerce, and bloggers. 


How you want to reach your subscriber and customer. If you want to add contact detail then you need a plugin for WordPress hence WPForm is best for the Subscription forms and adding contact detail. It offers many services like mail form, Enquiry popup form.

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To sum up these plugins for WordPress stated above are best and handpicked for you so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. Just go through the entire information and hit it and grow your website like never before. I personally advise you to go for a trial basis first then purchase a pro one. The plugin will allow you to stand straight in the market and earn more than ever before. Different plugins have different roles to play in the website.

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