What are the No-follow links: Each secret point you have to know

What is the No-follow link in SEO ?

Who doesn’t want their business to grow? In today’s online business there is a lot of competition in every sector, so the question arises how one can grow a business? Boosting the websites on top of search engines needs some analysis work and Off-page SEO ( search engine optimization). Off-Page SEO consists of many activities and its work to provide organic traffic and reference to concerned sites. So how do they do it? They do this by inserting links concerning content to other reputed websites. In this blog, I will discuss the No-Follow link.


Let’s Understand about No – Follow Link

No – follow the link as sound to not follow back. It is a link that is placed as anchor text or in image and content. It says to google crawlers to not follow back to original websites. No – Follow link is generated due to the comment section. To promote their websites or pages people often leave their links or spam to comment sections of content. So to battle, the spam level googles launched the No-Follow link in 2005. When Google started it also other search engines followed like Bing and yahoo search engines. Like the Do-Follow link, the No-Follow link is the same weightage. If all the websites recommend your websites to visit then it might be possible to give a chaotic look at why all websites are recommending your website. 

Importance of No – Follow Link

If you want only organic websites then your website must have a mix of Do – Follow and No – Follow links. Google’s penguin update finds out any suspicious that all websites are giving Do – follow then google thought it as spam hence their rank goes down. So No – Follow links are very important as sometimes it acts as Do – follow when people read the content and they click on anchor text then brings more traffic to your websites.

Which activity of Off page SEO gives No – Follow links

Forum Post – Forum post meaning involving in the discussion of debate, or concerned topic of blogs. It gives the quality of backlinks. It is said that No – Follow doesn’t follow to respective sites but it might follow to respective sites.

Social Media – Posting links in posts is another way of getting quality backlinks as it provides No – Follow links. 

Comment Post – Commenting on another reputed website in the comment section gives No-Follow link. Placing a backlink in the comment section might give you spam so comment wisely about any topic because bloggers may get hurt.

Other Popular websites also provide Outbound No – Follow links their name is given below.

Quora: Answering the question on a different topic. The website specially made to solve queries provides No-follow links. You don’t have to create an account, just click on the question you want to answer and here your No – follow link is ready. 

Benefits of No – Follow Link

Directly Help in Ranking

From my experience, I can say that No-follow Links directly help in ranking in search engine tools. People say that No – follow has no role but it provides more traffic to your websites.

Organic Traffic

It provides organic traffic and means no blackhats and spam. In google view, your websites will be reputed.

How to check whether links are No- follow or Do – follow

There are some popular tools that are used to check how many no – follow have your keywords. To check whether the concerned website is providing Do-follow links or No-follow links.

Majestic : 

It is all in one. It works from website building to ranking your websites but if you want to check about links then try its trial version to find out.

Semrush : 

It provides organic traffic to your websites and also tells which link a concerned website is providing. 

Ahrefs :

It is the best tool for providing powerful backlinks. It also analyzes the websites and tells which links have your websites and also tells about broken links. 


Why No – Follow Links are Necessary ?

Nofollow links help in many ways. It brings Organic traffic or natural one. Google’s penguin update won’t get suspicious that your website is trustworthy or not. Sometimes No – follow is more powerful than Do-follow links.

What is the ratio of No -follow and Do – follow links ?

Some say a 50/50 ratio should have No-follow and Do-follow links. Some say 60/40 ratio of both links. But I would recommend a 70/30 ratio of links, which means 70 percent of Do-follow links and 30 percent of No-follow links.


Overall Following above are given all information from my experience. These methods and techniques will help you to gain organic traffic from No – Follow links. There are several extensions or tools to find out how many backlinks your websites have and also tell how many backlinks have broken.

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