How to Start a Blog in 2021

How to Start a Blog

Do you literally want to make your own blog?  DIGI BIIGi is the right place where you can learn about blogging and if you are a beginner So this blog will be very helpful for boosting your career in blogging. Now it’s time to learn how to start a blog or write your own ideas. One of the best earning platform through blogging. To guide you step by step how to start a blog. Often people blankout what should be written in the blog. It is misconception that writing a blog requires great skill and require accurate language. Reader want informal and natural spices in your blog so be informal and be yourself. This will provide you good material for your content.

What do you mean by blog?

Obviously, you are searching for a blog you may have some basic knowledge about the blog and what is the purpose of the blog, and how it works. The blog is information or advertisement of any website or any product. It works online and it will help you to rank in google on your skills and rank your website higher in google according to your SERP ( Search Engine Rank Page) means the higher the rank higher the visibility. 

Now learn tips on how to a start blog:-  

*This is only for beginner learners without domain and hosting. This is not for the person who wants to learn how to start a blog professionally.

First Choose your Niches.

First, choose the niches in which you wanna work. It means, for which category you choose to write the blog, get more knowledge about that category. So basically niche is a marketing area where anyone is doing the marketing of any product, website, etc. Niche is that type of marketing where you can create your audience and viewers. Niche will be attractive so that the viewers will attract to your website and that niche will be highly desirable and offer them what they means niche is a much more important part of your blog and website which can grow you more. 

Choose the platform in which you want to do work.

Choose the platform in which you want to blog, here the platform means the blog name or the blog topic and get more and more knowledge about that topic, to write that topic and that should be more understandable for the viewers.

Now before writing the content you should know about the keyword and that keyword should be repeated in that content, let me explain by taking an example, suppose that you are writing content on a cow, you should remember the thing that a cow will be repeated in every part of your content, in the introduction part, in the mid of the content, and in the conclusion or end of that content, it means that keyword should be in your mind and write it many of times such that the viewer will get the point and the image will create in his mind and he can easily understand and visualize your content.

Your content will be clear, relevant, and unique. It isn’t copied from any other content otherwise your SEO will not rank your website higher in google. And in your content, there are many points for easily getting things. The other things you should remember are how to start a blog. 

Create a heading and subheading for your blogging

Your content having more and more heading in inheritance order means the heading is always a subheading. If possible there may you have a subheading, which means you can check my content I have a heading on how to start a blog after that there are many sub-heading of my heading. Or you can attach the images to your website or blog to clarify things or break the text. Or you can make your blog on your  WordPress if you know how to do work on WordPress and know how to start a blog in WordPress and rank that. 

Select the theme and design for your blog  

 I already told the thing that you should create your blog on your WordPress to make it attractive and it will behave like a website or many chances your blog will rank higher in google. But now you have to do more and more practice to make more and more making blogs to experience how to start a blog.

After all these things your website or blog content is ready for SEO

Now your website is ready for SEO or your website or blog is ranked when you have a domain and hosting, you have to purchase the domain and hosting for high rank in google. Your content should be competitive, your content should be good enough than your competitor’s content then there will be more possibility of more traffic in your content. This will be only possible when you have good knowledge and are a good content writer.

How do you start blog for free? without purchase Domain and hosting    

If you don’t want to purchase the domain or hosting, you can work on a subdomain where you can do blogging without buying any domain and hosting. But your blog or website will not rank higher in google. From the subdomain, you will experience the work and get more knowledge about how you start a blog.

Best Free Blogging Sites

Everyone wants a free blogging site to learn and share his experience and story to this world, so some blogging sites are giving us an opportunity to use that platform and make a free blog. Some top free blogging sites are:-


This is a free blogging website that can be used by both beginners as well as advanced. From this website you can make or handle the website and blog from the frontend you can’t handle anything from the backend. And the most interesting thing about this website is that it can give you free hosting to do work and make your own template and show your website layout interesting. You just sign up for the website and create your blog with an awesome background, you have to choose the menu if you wanna do work and start blogging in that.

2. wordpress(

In my opinion, this may be the best blogging website for you all to create free blogging, only you have to learn how to work on it which is so simple to learn and understandable to create free blogging. On working on it you have to host the software or server from yourself to working on WordPress. It has the best feature to work because it has a drag-and-drop element and free domain name, it is also having a lot of storage to store your data like your email messages, your account data, etc. And you are hosting your software by yourself, you can control your website, so it’s up to you how to behave with that website even you can make money with your site.


 Weebly is also the best website for blogging, in fact on this website, you can promote your product and many other things to promote your business. It also works on drop-and-drag elements where you can simply drag the page you want and customize that according to you. It also has much more storage to store your data.


  This site is one of the oldest sites used by people in recent years. This is one of the recommended sites for blogging but now most people don’t use this site to write their personal blog, if you want to use this site then you have to create an account or sign up with it after that you can choose your theme and write your personal blog. This site gave you a bunch of themes to write your ideas on that theme, but they are not colorful and attractive, these themes are simple, if any read your blog so he can easily focus on your blog.


GoDaddy also gives a free blogging website. It gives the best service to write your own ideas on GoDaddy. GoDaddy is also having many themes and styles to design the website and viewers will focus on the blog.  GoDaddy is having free hosting 24/7 which allows the blogger to blog fast even if you can’t worry about the backend hosting setup which is really nice at work. 

Quick Tips

If you want to become a successful blogger be natural. Become a blogoholic start observing all thing what you saw all around. Make blog on natural and informal way so that reader can relate your content with themselves. One the best way is to travel and get idea as travelling can give best natural content to entertain your reader.


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