How To Create a WordPress Website

how to create a WordPress website

The world is moving towards a digital world day by day hence the field of business is not limited to some extent. there are lots of opportunities to expand and earn more. Websites provide the front portion of your business. Website becomes an important element to grow and earn. You can learn all the things step by step how to create a WordPress website. The essential thing you should know if you are a small business owner or want your business broad and you know how to create a WordPress website then you can save a ton of money instead of contacting the web developer or designer. 

Why WordPress is the best website platform?

You can see many other website builders available that help us to create a new website. We always recommend choosing a self-hosted WordPress website platform because it is easy to use, versatile and cheap. You can manage your website from anywhere with any computer, even search engines love the WordPress website. WordPress website design is 100% customizable and WordPress powers 33% of all websites on the internet and many more things.

Why getting skills and creating a WordPress website

Getting skills of making a website is also a trend to follow the market strategy. These skills make your website perfect without the need for the programmer’s help. These skills make you upward from your competitor because when other competitors need a developer or designer to create a WordPress website, meanwhile you create your website by yourself and save money and time.

Now, the most commonly asked question is “ what do I need to create a WordPress website?

Domain name- The name of your website e.g.-

Hosting- Space where your files are stored.

Few minutes (approx 45 minutes) of undivided attention.

Steps to create a WordPress website.

Find and register a domain name to create a WordPress website.

How to choose the best web hosting.

Install WordPress in the domain.

Install a template in the domain to change your site design.

Creating pages in WordPress.

Continue to make a website and build a website with more features.

Get some resources to support learning WordPress.

Continue to create a WordPress website and build a website with more features.

How to find and register a domain name to create a WordPress website

A domain name helps you to reach a website without knowing the IP address. And it is very important to choose a good domain name for your website. It should be short and easy to remember. A good domain name should include a niche-related keyword. 

Here a tool you can use quickly to find out the domain name that is the domain wheel. Domain wheel will give you some suggestions to scroll down to find the perfect domain name for your website.

For the purchasing of a domain, I recommend a Hostgator because the Hostgator is reliable, fast and its interface is so easy to use. First, you have to open the Hostgator’s website interface is

Buy domain from here

Register your domain by clicking on domain registration. 

find your domain from domain wheel

You are directed to a new page. This upper image shows you the domain wheel where you can search for the availability of any domain. Now you can search the niche-related keyword, let’s enter something like biologyword. This domain wheel gives you lots of suggestions to choose the perfect domain name. Add to cart the domain name in which you want to do work. Some formalities you have to complete to purchase the domain name. Complete the process of purchasing the domain from your shopping cart. 

How to choose the best Web Hosting

Hostgator and Siteground are some of the most recommended hosting companies all over the world and also an official WordPress recommended hosting partner. But here we’re going to use Hostgator

Why are we using Hostgator as a Web Hosting?

Hostgator is reliable and easy to use, it gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it has good support, and having the best price. It gives a free domain on registration. Free site transfer, unmetered bandwidth, and many more things.

Let get started to know how to purchase the hosting.

purchase the hosting from hostgator

The Hostgator Web Hosting gives you 3 kinds of hosting  

1.Linux shared hosting shared hosting source web hosting

I always recommended the Linux shared hosting because the Linux shared gave you the Cpanel and which is the best thing to do work in it because we access our server through the Cpanel. Here I am not recommended to choose WordPress hosting because it always defines WordPress and we are not able to do anything without a website. It is limited to WordPress. 

select your hosting from HostGator

Now choose your plan and click on the yellow button Buy Now and buy your hosting. If you are a beginner then I recommend the choose shared hosting because that is a low traffic website. 

If you click the button on the shared hosting then a new page will open and I am recommended to choose a baby plan because the baby plan is much better than the hatchling plan if you are a beginner.

select the plan

Click on the yellow button of Buy Now.

A new page will open in your interface where you have to enter your domain and some formalities of filling in your personal information. And confirm your amount and finish the process of purchasing.

After the process of purchasing, you will receive an email from the company on how to login to your web hosting control panel (Cpanel). Make sure that your domain will attach to your hosting.

Install WordPress in your domain

You have to log in to  HostGator by entering a Gmail and password. You will find a lot of icon in your hosting account dashboard, surely saying you’ll never need to use 

95%of them. Ignore all of them. By following these steps you can install your WordPress in the next 5 minutes.

Open your Cpanel and scroll down and you will find the Softaculous apps installer where you find the WordPress icon click on it to install the WordPress. the new page is open in your interface, in the left side you see the blog option choose WordPress, and fill in all the formalities. Select the theme and proceed to install by clicking on the install button.

How to install a template in the domain to change your site design.

WordPress theme is the design of your website. By adding a theme or design to your website, it looks attractive. You can add a theme to your website by installing the WordPress theme.

So let’s get started,

theme for WordPress

Login to your WordPress, go to the WordPress dashboard → left side of your interface you can choose the appearance → to select the theme → it goes to a new page where you can see lots of themes installed on your WordPress.

add new theme
select the theme and search the theme from search bar

Now, you want to change the theme just click on Add New, where you find lots of themes that you can install on WordPress, if you have a specific theme in your mind, you can search that theme in the search box. Select the theme and click on the activate button to activate your theme. 

Now go to your website, your website, your activated theme is active on your website.

Creating pages in WordPress

Here you can learn how you create your new page on your website like the about us, contact us in the menu bar. Creating WordPress website pages is a valuable thing in a website. Just take an example we create some pages like home, SEO(dropdown menu are “on-page SEO and off-page SEO) WordPress, hosting reviews, affiliate marketing, contact us. 

WordPress gives you the chance to make a dynamic website which means you can change and delete the page even you can update your page.

Now start to make a new page on your website.

First, you have to make all the pages one by one. The first page is home, on that page, the title is “page” and write something about that page. After that Publish that Home page.

Again make another page of SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO publish that page. And so on with other pages.

add new page in wordpress
add items for your wordpress

Now, come to the WordPress dashboard click on the appearance → customize →  Menu → create your menu bar → click on the add items → publish all the pages.

 This is how we create the new pages on our website and check your website.

Customize WordPress to add with plugins in the websites

WordPress adds features to your WordPress site and makes it an attractive look. WordPress has more than 40,000 free plugins available to create a WordPress website. And some plugins are paid.

To learn how to add plugins to your WordPress site.

add plugin in your wordpress

In your WordPress panel, you to plugin click on add new for new plugin → click on the feature, here you can get a lot of plugins and by clicking on popular you got the popular plugin which you can use in your WordPress site → click on install now whatever plugin you want to install, and click on activate to work in that plugin. 

Get some resources to support learning WordPress

You should add resources from where you can learn more about WordPress, YouTube is one of the most advanced resources from where you learn more. There are also some online courses like Udemy, treehouse, etc. 

Make more and more websites in WordPress to get more knowledge about WordPress.

Learn online, use more features to create a WordPress website. Practice makes perfect. And working hard makes WordPress wizard.

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