Best Keyword Research Tool For Seo

best keyword research tool for seo

The keyword is the main ingredient for making your content spicy and attractive. A key factor in ranking any website is its strong keyword. But how you will know which keyword is popular in the market and have high traffic for a particular keyword? If you are searching for the best keyword tool for SEO then you are at the right place. We are talking about the word keyword. The keyword is one of the most essential and crucial parts of SEO.

Here I will give you some suggestions about keyword research tools. But if you are a  beginner then I will not suggest anyone use a paid research tool because as a beginner you have to learn more skills to grow up in this field and continue to work on free keyword research tools to groom your skills. 

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What are keywords

Before talking about the keyword research tool get some idea about the word “keyword”. Keywords are the most important element that the viewers and the public searches. So getting the right keyword for unique content is very important in the world of SEO.

Use of keyword researching tool

Now, start talking about the keyword research tool, in this article you can learn about the keyword research tool by which you can learn about the keyword ideas, keyword suggestion, keyword queries, and keyword search volume and its search volume. The keyword research tool always gives a guess about the keyword, its volume, and the competition so I always suggest after searching on keyword searching tools go to google and use that keyword in the search box to experience the top 10 websites whether it is really beneficial or not.

So let’s get started talking about the best keyword research tool. These keyword researching tools give you a high potential keyword that has the best volume,  low competition, and you can use these keywords in your blog or google campaign. Make a high profit and earn lots of skills and money.

Keyword planner

This is a Google keyword planner. So if you want to use it as a keyword research tool, you have to first create a google award account. After this process, you can start a search for your high-ranking keyword. Here you can find lots of keyword ideas, monthly search volume with the competition. You have to use this keyword because the data we read in this keyword search tool has directly come from Google.


Ubersuggest is also the best keyword research tool from Neil Patel that tells you about everything: your keyword, keyword suggestion, keyword idea, keyword competition, even it can tell you about your CPC ( cost per click).

Ubersuggest is 
Keyword Research Tool

It can tell you the top 100 related keywords or secondary keywords for your blog or article with keyword overview. In related keywords, it also tells about search volume, SEO difficulty, CPC, and remember that these all are guesses, but manually go to google and check whether it is DailyGooglesolvegoogleworks or not. You just take an idea about your keyword.

Ubersuggest is 
Keyword Research Tool

 If you are searching for a free keyword. Then you can only search for 10 keywords within 24 hours of 1 email login. Which is enough for a beginner. One of the major advantages of this tool is its chrome extension. That can help you in your blog to improve your flow on your work.   

Word Tracker

This keyword researching tool has premium plans but you can use this tool for free for a limited time and can search 50 keywords at one time and use these keywords in your blog or article.

If you are working on a PPC campaign or write your own blog you can find the best keyword with low competition and high volume.

These are the keywords shown by the word tracker.

Word tracker Keyword Research Tool

For searching the keyword you can choose the country in which you want to rank your website. On a daily basis, this keyword research tool allows you to research the keyword only 8 times.

Answer The Public

While opening this keyword research tool you can see the awesome interface which is more attractive.

Answer the public Keyword Research Tool

Now check how it works, in the search box we are searching about the pizza recipe. And want to know about another keyword that can help people search for more or targeted keywords. Keyword Research Tool, Want to add in our blog, article, or where we produce our content.

It can find the 13 questions asked by the people. And these questions are represented in his interface as a keyword. And you can answer these questions by writing a blog on that question.

The keyword shown by this tool are LSI keywords which are already index in search engine. And it increases the chances of your website’s rank. 

Make money online Keyword Research Tool

This tool gives you a lot of keywords in a free plan. However, it has a big drawback is that may be you have difficulty in understanding the volume. 

More the darker green colorless the competition and light green color represents the high competition. 


This is also one of the most recommended tools for finding the keyword. It shows all the keyword ranking on,, bing, etc.

In between the UI, the search option is available where we can search “iPhone” it shows all the ranking keywords in all the search engines without clicking on soovle option. It shows all the ranking keywords free of cost. If you click on soovle it goes to the new interface of your searching keywords. It can tell you the top 10 articles on this ranking keywords.

Soovle Keyword Research Tool

Insta keywords

It is also a best-recommended keyword researches tool. It can give you tell you100 searches in a month in a free plan. It shows you the ranking keyword, searches, CPC, it can tell you about the competition of your keyword, it tells you in competition in Great, hard, ultra-hard. And it gave you all the information of any keyword research tool by clicking on the eye. Even it can show you the information in graphs to clarify the things on keyword searching, trends, and take an idea to use this keyword in your article, blog, or content information.

One more thing about this tool is you have to sign up with this tool to use, which means you have to create your account.

Keyword tool dominator (KTD)

Again, this is also the most recommended and free keyword research tool, however, it can be upgraded but you can search the keyword in free means without paying anything. Every tool has some drawbacks. This tool also has some drawbacks. It can give you only 2 searches in a single day in a single email login. And that’s maybe enough for all beginners to search for the keyword.

It also shows you the keyword source like google in which country you want to rank your keyword. During keyword research the keyword which has the star on it having high competition in it. It doesn’t show you the volume if you are on a free plan. For checking the volume you have to pay for it or buy a plan.


It is also the best keyword research tool for finding the free keyword, however, it is also the upgrade process in which you have to pay. So, for a free plan, you have to click on the “get started”.

Before searching your keyword you have signed up with it and choose the free trial at $0. Register your plan and start searching for your keyword.  

This is an interface where you can search your keyword and get all the information about that keyword.


 It also gave good and ideal information about your keyword. This also can be upgraded to paid but if you want to use this tool for free then it can give you only 10 chances to search your keywords. Keep this thing in your mind that every query counts your daily limit in the domain and keyword analytics. It gave you all the related keywords with volume, its CPC, and KD.

KW finder

If you are looking for a tool that is only dedicated to keyword research, then KW finder is best for you, for your information, it is one of the fastest-growing SEO tools companies. 

KW finder helps you to get the most ranking keywords for your blog or article to get high traffic. By using the question-based keyword search can find long-tail keywords that are related to problem-solving. It also has paid plans for competitor keywords and it also has free plans for beginners. However, it has a 10-day free trial account.

 This also tells us about the monthly research volume, CPC, PPC, and KD.

Ahrefs keyword explorer tool

Ahrefs is also the highly recommended and best keyword research tool. The best thing about this tool is that it can tell you the keyword difficulty and it also uses clickstream data to show how many clicks you get from the search engine.

They can give you information about your keyword in graphs also. And the thing which makes the Ahrefs keyword research awesome is its great UI and the data they provide. It has many more features which make you give more information like backlink analysis, etc. It also tells you about the search volume of keywords in other countries because the search volume of keywords varies with the country. It gave the information of keyword difficulty (already talking about it) search volume, return rate, clicks, and click/search.

Keyword surfer

Keyword surfer is a chrome extension that lets you see the keyword volume and keyword CPC. It is a free keyword research chrome extension that is brought to you by SuferSEO which is an SEO content optimization tool. This is a free and best keyword research tool for beginners and I always recommend it as a chrome extension for further knowledge. It is able to see your monthly searches and their traffic, related keyword data, and even you can create a list of high-ranking keywords for your project like the blog or article.

For content marketing efforts, this tool could be a great addition with more features.


Serpstat is also the best comprehensive keyword research tool. I have done some work with it really well and helped us to identify the winning keywords. This tool gives us the search volume, competition, CPC, keyword difficulty score.

There is a detailed keyword difficulty score section that only shows the top10 web pages with their keyword and also shows the page rank, external backlink, and referring domain.

This tool is mainly used in small businesses and to build new links and develop a strategic SEO platform.

Google trends

Google trends is also a free keyword research tool that offers great data which came directly from google. You can also compare the search queries to see the traffic trends, this is the only tool that can tell the keyword popularity in different countries. So it is a much more beneficial thing for you if you want to rank your keyword in other countries

Long Tail Pro

Long-tail Pro is a cloud-based keyword research tool. This is a paid tool and so popular to help us find the ranking keywords for our blog’s niches. It can give thousands of keywords. It can also help in making your best title.

My recommendation to choose the best keyword research tool

If you are a beginner then I always suggest you choose the Ubersuggest because that will show the free keyword research. And from there you can get the best skills to find the keyword. 

 And if you are one step ahead of the beginners then my suggestion will be SEMrush because that is an easy and great solution to find your keyword. And it also has a free version of finding keywords.

And if you are researching micro-niche sites then you should have to choose the WKfinder. It is also brought to you by the surferSEO which is also an SEO optimization tool.

So whatever tool you are using may always suggest that you have to analyze your keyword in Google’s ranking page whether it is working or not. The keyword research tool always gives a guess about the keyword, its volume, and the competition so I always suggest, after searching on keyword searching tools go to google and use that keyword in the search box to experience the top 10 websites whether it is really beneficial or not

These tools can help you to find the keywords and phrases that will help you develop effective content. As it helps to rank your blog or content at a faster rate.

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